IMTC Concerts: the premier European music tour operator with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Vienna, Austria, specializes in handling all arrangements for performing groups throughout all of Europe.

IMTC Concerts is your ‘one-stop shop’ when you are planning a European concert tour or wish to perform in invitational festivals, educational music programs and special events in Europe. IMTC Concerts coordinates all travel arrangements and hotel accommodations, plans the concert arrangements, books the venues and handles the local promotion of your group's performances based on your specific requirements.

We provide your choir, orchestra or band with the most creative, cost-effective and thorough arrangements in Europe. So go ahead, let IMTC Concerts take care of every detail for you!

IMTC Concerts has the in-house expertise to handle all types of musical groups: High School, College and University choirs, bands and orchestras, as well as adult, professional, church and community ensembles. Your concert tour is custom-designed based on your specific requirements including:

  • concert planning
  • tour planning
  • booking your accommodation
  • organizing transportation
  • arranging sight-seeing and excursions.

Furthermore, IMTC Concerts' tour guides stay with your group from arrival to departure. This guarantees a smooth run of the tour, and your musicians can focus on the educational and cultural aspects of the unique program prepared just for them. Our experienced guides all have a musical background.

IMTC Concerts takes care of all your group's concert arrangements. We will organize equipment hire and transportation and can even find you a perfect partner choir for a joint concert, ensuring additional local interest in your group's performances.

Our local contacts, combined with our targeted promotional efforts, ensure that audience attendance is maximized during your concert tour.

IMTC Concerts is able to coordinate unique and complex itineraries throughout Europe. Its main destinations include (but are not limited to) Austria, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Slovakia.

For destination information and sample itineraries of tailor-made programs, please click on any of the countries listed above.

Check out our spectacularly priced "Spring Break in Europe" and "Concerts, Culture and Christmas Markets" 2011 concert tour itineraries to Austria and Germany.

IMTC Concerts strongly believes that the selection of the proper performance venues is the foundation of a successful touring program. Our extensive contacts and close cooperation with many international partners give you access to venues that are best suited to your group. Ask us about the many choices we offer, from the most prestigious sacred spaces to a myriad of secular halls throughout Europe.

In order to confirm these exciting concert venues, we will need biographies of the ensemble and the director, a photograph and, if possible, a tape or CD recording of your group. In due course, we will also need to know in advance what music will be performed at any sacred venue.

Through our contacts with many festival organizers your group has the chance to perform at some of Europe's most prestigious music festivals and competitions. Often, we are able to incorporate just such an event in your planned tour.

IMTC Concerts proudly represents the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival in the USA. Since its inception in 2007, the SCL festival has evolved into a first-class competition. Performing groups may compete with their peers in the prestigious "SCL Competition" or they may opt to participate in the non-competitive "SCL Celebration". The Summa Cum Laude Festival hosts events in some of Vienna's most notable historical venues, partners with important cultural institutions and has experienced broad acceptance and support by local and international decision makers in the world of music.

The Summa Cum Laude festival sees itself not only as one of the premier youth music events in Europe, but also as a growing global event that will continue to build bridges in the cultural arena and provide a unique platform for the world's most talented youth choirs, bands and orchestras.


Vienna's 2012 Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival under the patronage of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO

IMTC Concerts offers educational music workshop programs consisting of lectures in music history, music theory, and performance studies. Workshops are taught by faculty members of the University of Music in Vienna, as well as by members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, one of the largest and most renowned Universities of Music and Dramatic Arts in the world.

Each workshop program is designed to offer your performing group, be it an instrumental or vocal ensemble, the opportunity to expand its repertoire and enhance its performance skills.

For individual students interested in pursuing music, IMTC Concerts can provide assistance in arranging master classes and private music lessons. Coaching sessions will be held by faculty members of the University of Music in Vienna, as well as by members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Orchestra workshops with members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are available by request throughout the year.




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